Monday, June 08, 2009


A nest of four baby robins that are on the eave of my patio awning. I have to make sure that there is something there to prevent nest building next time. I have a backyard full of trees, and she builds a nest here. My dryer died last winter, and they found a nest in the vent, which probably caused the motor to overheat. The vent was vinyl, like our siding, and had warped, allowing a bird to get into it, of all places. I haven't seen the mother last night or this morning, and she is usually sitting on the nest. So I don't know what will become of these little guys.

I'm staring a long stretch at work. I listened to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince to prepare for the upcoming movie. Now I am listening to the last book. I listened to it when it first came out, and it is nice to be able to hear these books consecutively. Maybe at some point, I will listen through all of them one more time. It is interesting to listen to earlier books knowing how it ends. Then some things that are said make more sense when you know the outcome.

Other than this, noting much is going on. I hope that your summer is off to a good start.

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