Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Just a heads up. While the Obama Administration has Health Care parading out in the open, in the background on Friday the House will vote on Cap and Trade. They just made a deal over ethanol. You can't eat ethanol, so that means food costs will go up. Also on Friday the Senate will vote on card check which means that you and America will be at the mercy of Unions. All it takes is one more vote by each entity, and you will have watched the dismantling of our country. It is so important that you wake up and start flooding your representatives with phone calls to tell them you don't want these things to pass. As with both stimulus bills, they are rushing these through, voting along party lines without reading or knowing everything that is in the bills. If the idiot Republicans hadn't thought they had to act like the Dems (fiscally irresponsible) to get re-elected, there would be more of a balance in congress. And if citizens would actually try to know something more than who is winning on Survivor, we wouldn't be in the fix we are in now.

In short, EVERY AMERICAN SHOULD ALWAYS BE AGAINST BILLS THAT THEY HAVEN'T READ. the "Devil's in the details". It's ALWAYS in the 934th page of a 950 pg bill. You should be INSULTED that your representatives think you are stupid and won't complain. You should be INSULTED that your representatives would hire speed readers to read the bills that will change our lives forever. And in my opinion, you should be ashamed for remaining ignorant because you might not want to admit you might have been wrong. If you can't see how bad it is getting, you are living in a completely different plane of existence than I am. It's about the lives of our children, it is about the continuation of our country, as a republic. You really have to make an effort now before it is too late.
I know that both of the people that represent my district are so far up the Democratic butt, there is nothing I can say that will change their vote. But, I am going to tell them anyway.

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