Saturday, June 27, 2009


Picture 293
I got up this morning, looked out at the beautiful sunny day and decided to go to Amishland.
By the way, I use the term Amishland instead of 'Amish Country', because unless you get off of the beaten path, it is an over the top tourist trap. So we pretty much stick to the back roads. When we go down, we usually hit the lumber/home improvement joint "Keims Lumber", and my favorite "Miller's Dry Goods". If you click on the photo above, it will take you to my new webshots album. I generally like to photograph people. I try to not show their faces, and for the most part I haven't.
Remember the shawl I was making for my daughter to use on her wedding? The Estonian Lace? Well I tore that one out, and found myself between projects, and with two balls of white wool. So I re-wound what I could of the other shawl, and started this FOUNTAIN PEN SHAWL It is a really easy knit. Still not really sure how handy a white shawl will be, but waste not want not.
I purchased this pattern MEHNDI
and I plan on using the green wool, that I recently bought, to make it. It's all I can do not to put away the white one and start the green, but I know that if I do that, I won't go back again. Besides, I think that Mehndi is going to take a little more thinking to knit, and I have so many irons in the fire right now, I just don't HAVE time to think.
Well, off to enjoy the rest of my day. I hope that yours is good to!

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