Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Finally, someone agrees with my opinion on exercise DRAWBACKS OF AEROBIC EXERCISE AND HOW TO PREVENT THEM
I guess I will have to keep track of when part two is published so I can see what is recommended instead. From what I have heard, they recommend that instead of running yourself ragged every day, you should try for 3 sessions a week. So far I can fit in one. I'm trying to improve.

I'm trying hard to have a more positive attitude, I give you this : THE TOP TEN WAYS TO CULTIVATE INNER PEACE IN TROUBLED TIMES

I am almost finished with my shawl. This is the point that I am at now..

See? just that small span

This is the edging. Kind of hard to tell here. I think it will look nice after it is blocked which is the next time you will see it.

Finally, I would like to leave you with a link to the site of a quilt designer that I really enjoy. I have never taken a class with her, but I have seen some videos, and I have read her book "The 1776 Quilt" and she just has to be wonderful. Seems to have a very positive outlook considering the sadness that she has had in her life. I thoroughly enjoy reading her blog. And maybe if I am lucky I will get a chance to take a class with her some day. Right now she is working on a quilt featuring a rhino. You will have to see for yourself PAM HOLLAND

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