Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Why didn't I think to weigh myself like this? Other than the obvious fact I would never be able to get back up off of the floor...
I found this fun blog today:


She offers recipes, for people watching their weight. She does Weight Watchers, but, I think the ideas could be adapted for any diet.

A few months ago, I happened to be in the right place, at the right time, and I joined a Cardiovascular Wellness study. I get one on one help with my diet and exercise choices, and it doesn't cost me anything. I have been writing down everything that I eat since that time, and I have had good days and bad days. But, recently, I went to Weight Watchers and purchased a 3 month diary, along with books with point listings, and I have decided to count points instead of calories. It is SO MUCH EASIER.

I have done the meetings and the dues before, so I know how it works. I just really don't like the meetings, or the cost. And I guess that if I would have to go to any meeting, I would rather it be because of a shared interest in something other than how fat we are. But that's just me.

Weight Watchers is well worth it if you can like the rah-rah aspect of the meetings, and you are willing to pay the dues long term. And, I admit an attitude problem when I go to meetings where there have been 'lifetime members' that have lost a total of 20 pounds, and they expound on how difficult it was, but they were able to overcome.. If you have a 'larger' amount to lose to reach your goal, wouldn't it get to you a little? I think the thing that I dislike the most is getting on a scale in front of anyone. I would rather not have the worry of shoe and trouser weight once a week. And I can share with myself the joy or disappointment without a cheering squad, or a soothing comment.

I lost some weight before I joined the wellness thing, but I only have a vague idea of what I weighed when I started, because it was so horrifying to me. I'm sure it is written down somewhere, because one of my many false starts, but I know that so far I have lost around 15 pounds.

The thing that participating in the CV wellness program is I became aware of what my limits should be on sodium, carbs and proteins. WW primarily focuses on calories, fats, and fiber while totally ignoring how many carbs and sodium their packaged foods contain. I could eat a box of their brownies for 8 points.. but the sugars would be over the top. I'm only allowed 60carbs for each of 3 meals. One of WW low point frozen meals has 660mg of sodium, and when I am allowed only 2,500-3000 a day, that 660 in one lump had better be worth it.

One thing I learned while doing this is how much sodium there is in food. I had no idea until I started keeping track. You have to be careful even with low fat meats, from what I understand, so much flavor is lost the leaner the meat is, that the manufactures sometime inject or soak the meat in salt water before it is packaged and sent to the store.

I am settling into a phase where this is getting to be a normal part of my day. I was having trouble counting calories. I had a limit, of course, and I actually wasn't eating enough, if you can believe it. I learned that if you starve yourself, you are less apt to lose any weight.. I am to the point that I am not hungry all of the time. Which is a great help.

The only thing that is holding me back is my deep distaste of anything related to exercise. If there is an excuse not to do it, I have probably already thought of it.

But, I am not going to quit ever again.


Jules said...

I can't do the WW meetings, either. I am not a big fan of exercise. However, I am trying to run 5 days a week. And I can deal with Jorge Cruise's 8 Minutes in the Morning. (Barbara C in California mentioned it.)

Silkquilter01 said...

Hi Teri

I've been following your blog from some time now, but don't have one myself yet. I also don't like to exercise. How about a hula hoop though? That's really more like fun than exercising.