Saturday, August 01, 2009


Wow, what a whirlwind couple of weeks it has been around here. The wedding, of course. Then the bride got sick. Sore throat, cough, fever, runny nose. I took her for a walk in Quick Strep while the rest of the family was loading up the truck with her things. It was negative, but she is still coughing today. It was probably an undiagnosed case of swine flu.. who knows?

Anyway, my other daughter went home with the happy couple, as shown in the previous post. I have received a couple more exclamations about the heat from her, but nothing as funny as the one I shared with you. The girls will be returning for a few days pretty soon because they wanted to spend their birthday together for what may be the last time for a while.

I have already got texts about things that she doesn't have like her knife set. I found that, plus a few other things. And I haven't even been to the basement yet. But I will soon, because I am going to be spending my day doing long neglected laundry.

I miss them both terribly. It wasn't as bad when just one was gone, because I still had one with me. But now that both are gone, I notice the hole in my heart more. I am not so tearful now, but I notice it more, when I want to run out to Walmart and there is no one to keep me company.
But although I lost a daughter, I gained a closet.

I actually never coveted that room like I did the room that I am sitting in now, which is my sewing room. Meg's room will be a guest room. But I can use the shelf in the closet to store my batting and some of the things that are cluttering my room that I don't need all of the time. It never occurred to me until the space was empty. We went to Amishland yesterday and ordered a new window for the room. I have to strip all of the wallpaper.. ugh.. and paint ...ugh...ugh.. but it will be here when my kids come home to visit.

Just wanted to check in. I have a lot of work to do around here.. I need to sew some things and I will share.. have a good weekend. I will be back now that I'm not dragging tired any more!


kwiltmakr said...

It is good to stay busy when you feel the emptyness of everything. Sewing is always a good idea.

dee said...

I'm preparing myself for next years wedding and the quiet. I do have my eye on that room though. Bad Dee, bad!
Glad you're catching up.