Friday, September 11, 2009


I will never forget what I was doing on September 11 2001. I was doing what I am doing now. Sitting on the computer. I was instant messaging two of my friends. One in Ohio, and the other in Washington state. I had the news on when this happened.
I can still remember the sick feeling when I watched the second plane hit a tower. At that instant, I knew it wasn't a horrible accident. I remember the terror as the realization hit me that there were reports of at least two other planes not accounted for. If I hadn't been in the basement, I might have heard Flight 93 turn over Cleveland for it's trip to target thousands of more Americans. By that time, the 3rd plane had killed Americans at the Pentagon. At 9:39am, it was reported on NBC
Today, I actually have MSNBC on my TV. They are running the days entire news coverage just the way it happened that day. It has not been broken up by commentators or commercials. They are speculating on what is going on. The president has spoken. I never thought I would long for some sort of words of comfort from a president. I have to say that George Bush filled that need. He wasn't a pansy to many people's future distaste. He promised to hunt down the people who did this to us, and he did. But he was a good man to have in the job at this point history. Watching the newscast helps me remember this fact.
After more harrowing minutes, they started talking about a fourth plane. Because of brave Americans on the plane, this one didn't make it back to hit a highly populated target. Instead it was nosedived into a field in Shanksville PA, and the people on the plane never returned to their families.
By that time I sat wondering how much more could possibly happen then this;
I think this image is one of the things I think of most when I think about that day. This huge billowing monster of debris that people were running away from. The erie silence afterwards with the little beeps from the locators of the fallen firefighters.

This day was brought to us by some of those who practice the peaceful religion of Islam:
So the next time you cry because our mean CIA is waterboarding a terrorist, say someone like one of the masterminds of the whole thing, Kahalid Shek Mohammed;
I would like to have you also think about people, people like my husband, or your son or daughter that went to work one day only to have to ;
Jump to their deaths rather than burn in the flames .

If you wonder why I have no patience for liberals.. remember these last two photos.


Meghan P. said...

This touched my heart. I remember exactly what I was doing that day too. Sitting in biology class and I remember seeing the second plane hit the tower. It was a very scary day. I agree with feeling comfort from your Presidents words.

SandyQuilts said...

Amen. I'm with YOU.

Robin said...

I remember our conversations that day with Kathie-It certainly bonded us together

dee said...

Thanks for this Teri. I was watching the same thing that day when the second plane hit. After the towers fell, you could smell it, even out here on the island. When I picked up my son from school that day the smell made me cry.
That day changed the way I feel about so many important things I was foolish enough not to think about previously.
What's happening today politically is a disgrace to the memory of every person lost that day.

Susan said...

The photos brought tears once again, such a tragedy!!! I too was comforted by President Bush's words and actions.
Our daughter called right after the first plane slammed into the first tower and I watched in disbelief and horror as the second plane slammed into the second tower.
One of my cousins flew between Boston and L.A. on one of those flights several times a week, I am thankful he wasn't aboard that fateful day.
Thank you for posting the photos, we must never forget as some want us to do.