Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Finally. Another book in the "Outlander" Series. I ordered this from Amazon last night. I was planning on getting it today at Sams, or Borders, but there was a book on paperpiecing miniature lone stars that I wanted from Amazon. And I wanted free shipping, so I ordered instead.
I have come to the realization, that nearly all of my favorite books have continuing characters. Harry Potter, Kay Scarpetta (until she got too graphic), Alex Cross, Kinsey Milhone, Robert Langdon, the Tribulation Force, Nora Bonesteel and Spencer Arrowwood, Jamie and Claire, Sookie Stackhouse. I guess I just like the comfort of knowing a character for a long time. Diana Gabaldon's books are detailed with historical fiction which is something I also like.
Speaking of 'characters', Glenn is on the cover of his new book as the "Book Czar". I did buy this one today. It is filled with a lot of data, photos, cartoons. Color paper. It is totally unlike most books on politics. It is packed with information put in a humorous context. There are about 20 pages in the back with small type footnotes so, as he says, you can quote the original source instead of him. The chapters cover everything from the Second Amendment, education, unions, the Nanny State, Economics 101, to Universal Health Care.
I have been in the "Glenn Beck Fan Club" for 8 years. He is so honest , and blabs everything, I think I know more about him than I do some of my family. When you listen to someone for 3 hours a day, you learn a lot about what they believe. He has changed somewhat over the years, but he is honest. Glenn had Bush mad at him to, because Glenn was constantly berating Bush for Government spending, the war, the border. Glenn is an equal opportunity annoyer. He believes in the country and it's people, not in any political party, so don't believe it if you hear anything different, from people that dislike him.
I don't have any patience for people that put him down when they have only listened to him for 10 minutes, because they just don't have a clue what they are talking about. Thankfully, he left CNN and is on Fox News. If Obama hates Fox and shuns it, it tells me two things. One, I don't have to look at him, or hear his voice, and two, there must be something to what is being said, or he would go on to defend it. It also tells me a lot when the rest of the so called media has realized Glenn exists and they are going after him. First of all, he is making them look bad because he is doing the job they should be doing. Second, he has really done his homework, backed it up with the subjects saying things on video, which is hard to dispute. People don't sit and watch and listen to someone they don't agree with. He is very popular, and liked by the people who 'understand' him.
Glenn is the one who broke the ACORN scandal, months and months ago, and was ridiculed for it. Anyone that has listened to him for any length of time, knows that many of the things that he said in the past are being proved correct. He is very popular for a reason.

Yes, I pre-ordered a red Sony Touch Reader. Yeah, I know it's expensive. Yes, I do like books so much better, BUT.. it's a techy toy!!! I think about all of the books I buy. I save some of the series books, but, mostly, they end up going to the used book store, and I get 50 cents for a book that I paid at least $20.00 for to start with.
I didn't want a Kindle. If I am going to pay for a book, it will have to be a real book to put on my shelf. I didn't want to be limited to getting everything at Amazon.
But, there are lots of books that I like to read and toss. I can get those from the Library and download them onto this reader. When I'm done, I can delete them, and save the landfill. I figure that in 10 novels, it will have paid for itself.
I guess they are a hot commodity, I don't know how long it will be before they come in. Hopefully before Christmas (A gift to myself)


Susan said...

I am going to have to read Beck's book. I did see him on FOX the other evening and liked what he had to say. I agree with much of what you say about other journalists not doing their job.

SandyQuilts said...

I LOVE GLEN, too. (yes I know I'm using caps). Go Glen.

Rian said...

We love GB in this house.