Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Hope that you all are doing well. We have seen so many cases of flu at my work. More than I have seen in a long time. I think that some of the reason is the rapid flu test that we use to diagnose.
You can sure be miserable with the flu. I've had my flu shot this year, not sure if I'm getting the H1N1 vaccine. I'm usually pretty lucky, or I have built up an immunity over the years. I was pretty sick I think last spring. Might have been the flu to start with, high fever etc. I ended up with pneumonia. Once I do get something, it usually takes several weeks to shake it. I still managed to not miss any work, or maybe one day. The fever fell on my days off, of course. A person could miss weeks of work if they didn't come in because they didn't feel up to par with a cold. I know that two of my co-workers never missed a day of work while undergoing treatments for cancer. I think I might take a day off for something like that. I generally only miss a day a year, if that. So far so good, I haven't missed any this year.

It is getting chilly here, and those couple of lace shawls I made during the year are wonderfully warm. Nothing beats wool. It is light weight, and it takes away the chill without letting you get too hot.

I've got chicken in the oven and I have my feet up blogging. Pretty soon I am going to have to force myself to get up and drag myself into the studio and get some fabric to send to Debra, who is going to embroider a block for me for a quilt that I have planned, along with some other things. That is the bad thing about having this laptop sitting by my chair in the living room. I come home from work, put up my feet, start reading emails and blog reader, and then I pick up my knitting. It's a vicious circle I tell ya. Some evenings I never make it into the studio. And my pc goes for days not being turned on. One of the things that helps me is my Ipod touch. We have WiFi in the house, and I can check my email on my ipod, and stay off the computer completely.
But WAIT! I just remembered Chaplain is on HULU. I started watching it yesterday, and needed to turn it off. Robert Downey Jr. Got an oscar for that movie didn't he? Uh OH.. not making it into the studio for a couple of hours I guess.

I hope that your day has been more productive.

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