Sunday, November 29, 2009


Why do I always put off laundry that I need for a new week of work to the very last minute?  We are hitting the movies early today, and then I am going to be doing laundry. 
I have so much to show all of you.  I have to wait until after Christmas.  I have actually been productive and have made quite a few gifts.  Also, my goal for the new year is to finish ALL of the ufo's that I have put aside for years.  If I really don't like them, I will take the fabric and add it back to my stash.  But I have pretty much cut UFO's down to things that I really like. And if I don't want to keep them, they will be gifts for next Christmas.

I have taken photos of everything in the boxes, and a few other ideas rolling around in my head to do.  Last year, I sponsored a PHD Challenge (Projects Half Done) I had people give me a list of their UFO's by March or April.  During the year, they had to bring the completely finished project to guild for show and tell, and it would be taken off of the list.  Next month we will pick the winner.  I got a lot of positive comments about the challenge, and they want to do it again because it spurred them into finishing things.  I am going to take part this year.  I think up these things, and then I don't participate.  I always have every intention to, but nada.  So I am ready now.  I have a photographic list, and I will post it around the end of this year.  I have to hunt down a few unfinished tops first..

I am glad for blogs.  Recently I bought a knitting book and pattern.  Both designers posted on their blogs, pattern corrections. Can you imagine the irritation a knitter, or quilter for that matter, would have with a pattern that is wrong, and there is no way to find out but to waste time in knitting, and fabric in quilting. 
I went in and marked the pattern and the book, so I will be okay when I start. 
One of the corrections in the book was the colors of the specified yarns.  I have to say that is a peeve of mine.  While I don't mind knowing what kind of yarn (brand and color) was used for a project, I would also like to know the generic weight of the yarn, and how many yards I will need.  Sometimes it is impossible to locate that exact yarn.So if the only thing you have to go by is 4 balls of such and such yarn, you are at a disadvantage. Companies discontinue lines and colors, so if a book or pattern is a couple of years old, you may be out of luck finding the exact yarn that was used in the pattern. 

If I designed a pattern, I would write something like, This project takes 840 yards of a fingering weight yarn.  For the project in the pattern, I used 3 balls of knitpicks gloss. (example.. don't know if it makes sense in real time)
But, you won't see me writing a knitting pattern..

By the way, I mentioned a pattern recently Wicked Easy Quilts, that used to be available for free.. The pattern is wrong.. if you ever saved the pattern,  one part had cut two 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 and one 5 1/2 x 6 1/2
(the pattern said 5 1/2 x 6) threw everything off.  My mistake to trust it's accuracy and I cut out all of the fabric to these sizes, which is why I needed that big ruler to trim the blocks back.  They were ALL the wrong size, as the center section was 1/2" shorter than the upper and lower sections.  I guess a lot of people made this quilt.  If there was ever a correction posted, I never saw it. 

Have a good Sunday.. hubby cooked breakfast..

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SandyQuilts said...

Oh shoot on the Wicked pattern .... wonder why she hasn't corrected it. Wiat I don't think it's a freebie anymore ... read that somewhere. Of course it might have been another pattern. I'm getting too old. he he