Saturday, November 21, 2009



Went on a day trip to Homer Laughlin China Company, makers of Fiestaware.
I wanted the square plates $12.00 each, until I found the seconds room.  Great slightly not perfect plates for 2 or 3.00 each. 

I ended up getting round plates. Hey, I saved almost $10.00 each, plus I got this huge red mixing bowl.  I only spent around $100.00 for all of my plates and the bowl.  In the other room with the "good" stuff, a little thing that holds packets of sugar, was nearly $20.00.

While driving through the nearby town, I saw this sign.  Not something I have ever seen where I come from.  Also, in a 2 mile stretch, I saw 3 gun shops,(my favorite was the place that sold 'Subs, and firearms') even more bars or liquor stores and 2 Baptist Churches.
Then the GPS didn't take us back the same way and we got lost here

Got Nuke?
Something I don't see everyday either.
I have to get out more.


SandyQuilts said...

Oh I have fiesta. What city in Pa is the Homer Laughlin China Company located?

kwiltmakr said...

The Homer Laughlin company has been around for many many years. They have made some nice china in years past. Glad you got some nice things.

jb81185 said...

I love the plates!! I'm glad you have this blog so I could see pictures :-)

Rian said...

Interesting triop. I want some of that Fiestaware!!!