Friday, November 06, 2009


NEW BOOK BY JINNY BEYER I give you this link for the description. I got mine from AMAZON and it cost $32.97 with free shipping. I see there is an Amazon book scalper already asking $191.00 for a used copy. I'm not sure what the deal is there. I was on the waiting list for a long time and a couple of times I didn't think I would get it, but it finally arrived today.
I got the original volume for free on the give away table at guild, but this one is so much better. First off, the pages are in color. There is a line drawing for every block, showing how eafch one is constructed. There are lots of photo of quilts showing the design layouts and block repeats. Step by step help on drafting blocks to any size. Just on the cover, I see at least 2 blocks that would delight my hand piecer friend, Gail. If you can find this book, get it, you won't be sorry. It has all of the hard spikey blocks with 98 pieces that Gail likes to work on..

Today, in a couple of my emails, I got something about aprons, that I am using in my guild newsletter along with a photo of my great grandmother feeding her chickens.
I also got an email that had photos that make you go hmm... I chose a couple that I thought warranted comment on my blog.
My kids went to a school that was on Lake Erie. The parking lot ends with a cliff and the lake is on the other side of the guardrail. One year, around this time, a group from the church went to a weekend retreat. While they were gone, the temperature dropped and the wind picked up. This is what happens when you also have a lake that isn't frozen over. The gusts of wind smashed waves on the break wall and the constant spray built up ice on all of the cars in the parking lot. It looked even worse than this. Some of the cars sat there for many days before they thawed enough to chip the ice off. This is the first time I have come across a photo that shows what I remember.

And is it just me, or can any of you imagine this guy being the man of anyone's dreams?


dee said...

Geez, I nearly choked on my BLT. It's getting close to my bedtime and that picture may cause me to have very bad nightmares....well...the picture of the frozen cars isn't doing a lot for me either. That is a common deep winter sight by the harbor here.
I just got caught up with your posts. Nice writing Teri and I love that one of your great Grandma.

kwiltmakr said...

First off, the book looks like a good one. Second the ice, yikes I just hate winter. And third, that guy ugh, no thanks. The photo of your grandma is so sweet.