Monday, November 09, 2009


While I had all of my windows open yesterday enjoying a beautiful warm fall day, my daughter sent me a photo of snow where she is. But I guess that she must be used to it. I would be bundled up if it was snowing here. She told me that if there is snow on the mountains, they expect snow where they are within a week. I see the snow on the mountains in the background. Better you than me!!
Now my other daughter just told me that she is still in tank tops and shorts, and they still have all of their leaves. mine are mostly gone, but we had a glorious few weeks of colors.
I love autumn. Even though it seems like we have had it for at least 6 months!!


kwiltmakr said...

My girls live in AK too but have not heard if they have snow. We had thunder storms all day today.

Meg said...

She can def have the snow lol.