Sunday, December 20, 2009


Presents have been given and opened, so I can show you a few photos. This is the shawl that I knitted for one daughter.  Pink.  Not my favorite color to work with, but perfect for her, and it is the color that she wanted.

And I made a flannel quilt for my other daughter.  Just in time for her to be snowed under and sick with a cold.  I hope that she feels better soon.

Then, last night I finished a shawl for myself.  I always have something on the needles, and I am finding that I enjoy using all of this colorful sock yarn to make shawls more than I enjoy using it for socks.  I think that the shawls will far outlive the socks, as the socks that I have made in the past are already starting to look pretty ragged.

I hope that you all are surviving the season.  We only got about an inch of snow.  I almost thought that it was going to completely miss us.  Keep warm!

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Meg said...

I love my shawl!!!