Thursday, December 10, 2009


I am getting ready to go out into the cold and windy night to my guild meeting.  Every time I think about sitting some out, I get myself into doing something that requires me being there.  Tonight, we are announcing who topped out in the PHD (projects half done) challenge.  And I will draw the winner of the door prize of a queen size quilt top that was made by another guild member and myself to be raffled off.  We got lazy and decided not to finish it.  Plus, our guild has a tidy sum in the bank and we don't do much with it, so I figured why add to it right now? 
I am knitting a shawl out of colorful sock yarn.  SIMPLE THINGS  is an easy shawl that will be nice and warm around my neck, and won't look as stupid as this scarf that is wrapped around my neck as I type this.  Today I got an email with a correction in the pattern.  I quickly wrote the corrections down and tore out everything that I had finished.  I was about half into the center section.  Problem is, once I started working on it again, I realized that I wasn't even at the point of the correction yet.. far from it, and I didn't need to rip it back at all.  Geesh.. that's what happens when you don't really pay enough attention to what you are doing. 
Oh well.  Good thing I am what is called a "process knitter".  That means that I knit because I enjoy the actual action of knitting, more than I care about the finished product. Yeah... that's my story..

I made this up last night

Kinda dopey.  But I enjoyed the process...

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Rian said...

I like your coffee cozy and I don't think it's dopey at all. I don't like to go to guild at night even when it's not frightful weather. That's a deal-breaker for me, so I go to a day one. All old retired ladies, but that's okay.