Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I went to my favorite  local 'gallery' today.  To visit one of my friends that has a studio space there.  I bought a couple of pieces by the artist that made the piece pictured above.  I can't remember her name off hand, I will find out and post it.  Anyway, this is what is unusual about her pieces, other than the obvious creativity when it comes to what she uses as media

I have always wanted one of her pieces, but just never parted with the money until today.  I bought two small pieces.
First, Viggo

Viggo is a bat made out of a bass leaf, twigs, maple seed, and false indigo.

Loe is a tiny 'bird?' made out of a hickory nut and a maple seed.
I almost bought a colorful little 'dog'.  But I couldn't pass up Viggo, so I bought that instead.  I can hang it upside down in the window behind my sewing machine.

Other than this, nothing much is going on.  I am fighting off bronchitis, and I haven't gotten any Christmas decorating done.  same ol stuff....
Hope that you are having a more exciting time than I am..


dee said...

Wrap up and feel better soon.
Thanks for the Quilt show. That was sweet.

Rian said...

Hang in there~