Saturday, December 19, 2009


My military son in law was telling me about going to have his eyes checked because of blurred vision.  He was told that he needed glasses, but they didn't have "time" or resources to mess with it and since the "chain of command" said "he has 20/20 vision, he has 20/20 vision, so get out and go back to work". 

Just as well, he isn't going  to re-enlist.  I would say that at least he can get better health care on the outside than the government run military healthcare he is subjected to now,  but we will have just as crappy healthcare as he has, thanks to the wonderful communist that you all fell in love with and put in charge.

I think about all of the spoiled people on medicaid that frequent the establishment where I work, the people that pitch a fit if they have to wait an hour to get something for their runny noses. 
Wait until these old hippies are put on a waiting list for their cancer treatment.  Stinking bunch of fools that put into office these, power hungry, corrupt do-gooders that think they know what's good for the rest of us.

I must say that my deep hatred for all of them has finally helped me with that self imposed news blackout that I should have done long ago. 

They say ignorance is bliss..  I know a lot of people that are blissful.  I wonder how long it will take, and how bad it will be,  before they realize the mistake they made?

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