Wednesday, January 20, 2010


You know, I have never attended a Tea Party, probably never would. Not because I don't believe in what they are doing, but because I prefer to work solo than with a group.  I don't listen to Rush often, but I don't believe that the people that do are stupid or un-educated.  Not to say there aren't stupid people in these groups, there are stupid people in EVERY group of thought. I have heard many people in the mainstream media make comments just like these, which explains why so many go to Fox News, where you can get news and you aren't insulted on a daily basis.  This way of thinking is why NBC and MSNBC tank in ratings.  More people think like I do than think like they do, so they go to FOX which is more fair and balanced than these other mainstream media stations.

Don't the boneheads on the left even understand how condescending and insulting they are?  Don't they realize that they are cutting their own throats politically when they insult a whole swath of people? Obama probably thought he was doing Coakley a favor when he made a speech supporting her.  He probably didn't even understand that his comment about Scott Brown and his truck, came across as elitist and condescending, and may have insulted many of the people that might have voted for Coakley. Okay, I wouldn't vote for anyone Obama wanted, but I don't live in Mass.

When the left, including Obama and even some Dems in Congress, refer to people as Tea Baggers. I knew it was an insulting term, but I didn't know until recently that it is a homosexual sex act.  That takes it down to a whole new level. They probably insulting their own constituents.  Keep it up baby!

You know, I may fervently disagree with most left leaning people, but seeing as I am NOT illiterate, I can articulate what I think of them without calling them nasty names. Okay.. I called them boneheads.  But other than that.......

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