Friday, January 08, 2010


I told you I hadn't found all of them

I found this Norman Rockwell Panel last spring and I thought it would nice if I used a friend's design which is only a center panel, or solid un pieced area, surrounded with a scalloped border.

I got this cheater fabric yardage just to practice my machine quilting.  I think I will use the same scalloped border pattern  to finish it up.

I probably posted this before, but it is an antique quilt top that I want to take apart and re-set.  It is too big, and  some of the white fabric is almost see through.  Some of the blocks are also frayed.

Just a simple 4 patch quilt made with fall theme fabrics

This quilt was started in 2002.  I know this, because it was a free block of the month from a website called Patchwork Planet.  It is called Chaos Harmony.  Some of the pattern section directions were incorrect, and I guess that I just got tired of trying to figure it out.  I did manage to get through 7 of the 12 months though.  I will sit down with my calculator and figure out the blocks before I cut fabric to finish.

What the heck?  I'm  ashamed to show you the state of my sewing room.  How in the heck do I let it get this way?  This is why I continue to find projects, and why I am not doing anything.   But I pulled in a big garbage can, and my project this weekend is weeding through this disaster.


Rian said...

YIKES! How can you create in there! (sorry) All that chaos would sound like an orchestra warming up and I couldn't think straight. But then I do get visual and aural inputs jumbled.

Robin said...

Good luck - mess is always counterproductive to creativity- I should know I'm the Messy Queen-

Gerry said...

Sure slips on a gal, doesn't it.
I've been straightening a bit at a time. With a clear head and keen eye, my room was looking like a burglar tossed the place after finding nothing worth burglaring.
We can get 'em clean and straighten, I know we can.