Sunday, January 10, 2010



Garbage.  only had a few blocks done, and I am just not into rag quilts anymore.

Adopted out.  Sorry Meg.  I can't bring myself to finish this one.  I'm giving the star fabrics to Karin.  They are older Modas.  Remember when they had blobs of metallic paint on them?  I have some  with blobs and some metallic stars. Just don't think I even like the fabrics anymore.  I will hang onto the background fabric though.

This flannel quilt has posibilities and explains the solid cream color flannel that I found in my stash.  I'm going to hang onto this.  I do like flannel quilts.

This is some laceweight yarn I bought to make  a shawl.  It is merino wool, and the color is called Fog.  Perfect name huh?   It is for a KAL (knit along) on Raverly

Back to work!


Judy S. said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Teri. I think we probably have a lot in common....lots of yarn and fabric at any rate! You finished sortin out in a weekend? You must be really fast or else I'm very slow as we are into week 2. Next to go are books!

kathiemackey123 said...

I love the color of your yarn. it was the color of the road, the air and the sky today during a torrential downpour. I like the yarn better though.

I recognize so many of your fabrics because they are in my stash too! I find that I still like the fabrics but don't work with them much anymore because there are so many new fabrics out there! Working in a fabric shop doesn't help, I guess.