Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I woke up to the most glorious sunny warm day.  Even with that I had to pry my rear out of the house to go to the fitness center and walk. 
I am very lucky to have a beautiful place to do it.  This fitness center is owned by my employer.  I guess they figure that they should offer ways to keep their staff healthy.  My husband and I pay a slightly discounted rate.  I love the outdoor track.  At least I can enjoy the sun and the warmth while I walk in circles.  Three laps is a mile outside and 10 laps is a mile on the indoor track.  I managed a mile.  I was good.  I packed my lunch so that when I was finished I wouldn't be tempted to stop at the Burger King on the corner. 

After this, I decided to go to the church in the parish that I grew up in.  Although I wasn't a Catholic at the time, I converted in this church.  It isn't the same place.. they built a beautiful new church to replace the old one .  I wanted to photograph the beautiful Pieta that they have in the lobby(is that what it's called?  Maybe vestibule?) I forgot that many churches cover all of their statues during lent and uncover them on Easter day.  Oh well, another time.  Instead, I walked the stations of the cross.  They have a beautiful area outside.
A stone walk and at each station, there is a bench.  The stations are stone and each mystery is a mosaic ( you will see them on Friday's Happiness is..) Very peaceful activity.

This is my day off. I thought that I took tomorrow off, but to my surprise, I didn't.  So the peaceful feeling ends at 6:30 am tomorrow

The good thing about this is, I have vacation to look forward to next week.  Should I say "Staycation"?  Fine with me!

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