Sunday, March 07, 2010


We have a regional quilt guild that many of the guilds in our part of the state belong to.  They have quarterly meetings.  This month, it was near me so I went.  The company was nice, and there was a potluck and show and tell.  But the whole thing was basically a business meeting. It was then that I remembered why I haven't gone to one in years. 
The good thing is, I didn't know that a local quilt show was still going on.  I kind of go to this show in a hit or miss fashion.  I never enter or take classes there.  Why?  Because it is in the 'Snow Belt'.  They start getting snow in October..
Anyway, it was a sunny day, and it wasn't snowing, so I decided to drive over since I was already half way there.  Here are a couple of things I saw that I thought would interest you.
First off, this is the only quilt show that I have attended that has cows;
I never cared for the Stones (Rolling Stones in my day) but I really liked this quilt.
And.. I like tiny complicated quilts, but even I wouldn't do this;
This quilt was made by my guild friend Julie Bragg.  It is not like anything I have ever seen her do.  Except that it is hand quilted;
The sun has brightened up more than my sewing room.  The sun streaming through the window has made me actually want to sit at my sewing machine.  As you can see, I basically have cleared off my table
Funny thing about this photo.  I write the newsletter for my guild.  I had notes from the meeting I went to.  I looked every where for them and I couldn't find the information that I wrote down to put in the newsletter.  When I posted this photo, I see the little green notebook, and the sheet of paper, just beyond the quilt.  It was then I realized, that all I had to do was turn around, because what I needed was behind me.  What a dope.

I hope that you have a sunny day!!

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dee said...

We do have a sunny day here as well. So very welcome. Still loving the mini on the table top.

Age has begun to set in here. I find myself doing some of the things that I used to chuckle at my Grandma over. The one that really gets me is feeling so clumsy. I was never the Queen of Grace but lately I can hardly stop from tripping over myself and dropping things. Forget the fact that I need post it notes stuck to myself to remember ANYTHING.
As long as you can make quilts that look like that, you have no worries.