Thursday, April 08, 2010


My daughter and Son -in-law are visiting from Alaska.  He recently returned from his year long deployment to Afghanistan. They visited my other daughter and Son-in -law in NC (this one is leaving the Marines and both will be back here this summer) Now they are here and then they will visit his family and then fly to Hawaii before going back to their AK base which just got 4" of snow yesterday. 

Yesterday, we went to the Museum of Art.  I used to talk about this "art work" that was on the wall last time I was there.  Now, after the remodel, there is a special little room for it.  It is a florescent light fixture with 4 different color bulbs.  No, really.  What I'm wondering is, when a bulb burns out and is replaced, is the maintenance person that changes the bulb the new artist?  I don't get the contemporary 'art' section.5 x 10 foot canvass, painted one base-coat of color and then a pencil was taken and horizontal and vertical lines were drawn to make it look like graph paper.  I say someone akin to the emperor (you know, like the one with the new clothes?) is the curator of the contemporary art section.

My favorite parts are the really old stuff..  I guess I am a realist in every way.  I like the art that portrays a subject realistically. Some people might think Picasso was an awesome artist, or a canvas with a red black and blue line with a fancy description is a great accomplishment.  I am so much more impressed when I see a painting of a woman done hundreds of years ago that looks like a photograph because the artist was so talented.  Walking through the 500+ year old armor area was astounding to me.  Just the age, the thought of who might have worn these things, and what their lives had been like.  And in a disposable world, how incredible it is that something has lasted 500 years that I can witness today.  Or the nearly life size portrait of George Washington painted by a friend that fought alongside him.  I actually stood and gazed upon something that George Washington also stood and gazed upon.   Just for a moment time and space between George Washington and me were shortened. 

They also had an exhibit of Native American Art. So beautiful.  The woven baskets were just awesome, and the thousands of beads on some of the costumes were astounding.  Much better than a solid canvas with a line.. Yeah, I would be the kid that told the emperor that he was naked.

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Quilting Queen said...

I must say, Teri , I agree with you. I just don't get modern art at all. I don't see talent in scribbles and dabbing and whatnot. My favorite is Carl Brenders who paints wolves , you can see every hair. I have three of his prints hanging in my home...guess you can tell I am a dog lover. Nice that you had some time with your family.