Saturday, May 15, 2010


One year a friend sent this card to me for my birthday.  I have a reputation as a cat hater.  It's pretty much a running joke with me, and I keep up the illusion.  Actually I have had 4 cats in my life.  The last two were psychotic, and kind of turned me off having another.  I prefer dogs for the most part.  But.. my favorite two cats were both Siamese, and died of old age.  This photo always reminded me of a dog and a cat that I had.  The dog was a Springer Spaniel named Clancy, and the cat was a Siamese named Puni.  Weird name, I know, but it was from an old TV show THE BRIAN KEITH SHOW/THE LITTLE PEOPLE  Puni was the Hawaiian nurse to Brian Keith's Pediatrician.  Anyway, my dog Clancey used to take Puni's head in his mouth just like this.  Puni would go limp and Clancey would drag him through the house.  Puni would have this same expression.  He would let it continue for a little while and then would start batting Clancey in the sides of the head with his front paws.  But it was all in good fun, and no one was ever hurt.  But that is the reason that I have kept this card, just reminds me of my own pets.

It's a beautiful sunny day here, although it is chilly.  I am having some coffee and then taking some movies back to the drugstore where I rented them.  I got Brothers and Daybreakers.. both I wanted to see in the theater and didn't.  Whew.. Brothers ended weird, and I only got through the first half hour of Daybreakers.  The only movie I got that I liked was "Young Victoria".  I don't remember seeing it available in the theater.. but it is a movie about Queen Victoria.  A kind of love story about the queen and Prince Albert. 
I'm finding that it is cheaper to wait until most of these movies come out on DVD.  I am reserving theater time for movies that there is no doubt I want to see.

Another "I told you so" to my husband, who I talked into getting DVR.  I LOVE it.  And he had to admit that he does to.  We hardly watch any show live now.

I hope that you all have a great Saturday!!



Rian said...

I have had three cats in my life. Two were psychotic. I am also allergic to the little beasts, so I am not particularly fond of them. I don't hate, but I don't relate.

Robin said...

Thanks for the cute pix and story - I'm ready to be done with cats- already had dogs so no more pets- now that kids are gone I don't want to take care of anyone but me!

Meg said...

Id couldnt go without my dvr now. Told you guys :)