Sunday, May 09, 2010


Another weekend gone in a flash.  It is never long enough.  On Friday we went to Amishland.  There was a sale at Miller's Dry Goods.  I got a couple of Quilter's Dream Battings, and the rest of a bolt of black Kaufman Kona fabric, about 7 yards.
 We stopped at a furniture store mostly to use the restroom.  They only have an outhouse at Miller's.  This place has such beautiful furniture.  Look at this table, it sits twenty.
I couldn't fit the whole thing in.  I can't imagine having that many people over to eat at one time, let alone have a room big enough to put it in. 
I got the rest of the hand dyes and black stips for my spool quilt cut out.  I think that I posted them before, but here they are again.. I made two to see if I liked them before I cut out the rest.

Then today, Bill and I put up the new yard light that we bought at Kiem Lumber in Charm.
As you can see we had Claire in her usual position; rolling on her back.
Sam was attached to the truck by his retractable lead and a bungee.  He can't be trusted to be off leash.  So it was a nice.. really fast weekend.  I don't want to wish my life away, but I will be glad when Friday is here again!

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Robin said...

Happy mothers' day. Please post a pic of the light when it's up- would love to see it- I can tell both babies were big helps.