Tuesday, June 08, 2010


For a brief moment I thought I would have an office by myself. But things happen, and it means that  I will still be sharing. It's not terrible  but I could have listened to the radio without earphones. I could have run my fan if I wanted, and most of all I could have a little peace and quiet to work in.  Well, at least I have a desk.  There was a time that I had no place to work.  I have to look at the little things I guess.  I'm just pretty disappointed.

So, lets talk fun stuff for once, who needs any more stress?  Not me.  One of my guilds had a lecture with DARLENE ZIMMERMAN  She brought lots of miniature quilts.  I am supposed to take a finishing workshop with her tomorrow.  I seriously considered not going because it lasts all day, but maybe I will go.  I liked her quilts a lot.  Also, I found some links and a friend sent links to some blogs where ladies are using up their stashes making scrap quilts.

STASH MANICURE  Did a vanishing nine patch to use up her stash.  Thanks Bev for sending me this link.

Tomorrow, I will send some photos from my phone while I am at the workshop.  Oh and another reason to be cranky.. I couldn't wait till the end of this month to get an Iphone.  I used my husbands upgrade to get mine.  If I had waited I could have bought the new version with the better camera with a flash and a bigger, stronger battery.  Oh well.  I LOVE my phone.  I'm glad that I didn't wait.  Luckily, I'm 'grandfathered' into the unlimited data plan.  They are going to discontinue it.  See?  silver linings.  Gotta look for them.

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Rian said...

Here's hoping your new office-mate turns out to be a nice person. And conservative to boot.