Sunday, June 27, 2010


I started out just a kid with a frilly dress and droopy drawers.

I loved horses
I didn't actually need to have a horse, I had an imagination.
Eventually though, I had a real one.
Did you know I played the banjo?
Quite a look huh?  Scary how much my son looks like me (not the hair)
I've always loved taking photos
I was a candystriper.  Logged in over 500 hours of volunteer time while I was in high school.  Back when we were allowed to do a whole lot more than they pay people to do now. 
I was in the first class in my county to be trained as a paramedic.  One of 3 or 4 women.  Although it is normal to see females in the field now, I had to work much of the time without pay because I couldn't get hired because I was a woman.  I had to prove myself way more than any man ever did. 
 I've had the same best friend since I was 10 (47 yrs)
Several times in my life I have had glasses bigger than my face.  I had long hair, and I was thin.  I used to be embarrassed because I was so thin. If I had know then what I know now....
Today, for the first time, I found out from other "Whovians" how to view the last 3 episodes of Dr. Who.  Episodes that won't be shown in the U.S. until next month.  I went of the nerd deep end when I came across plans to build a TARDIS  I sent the file to my husband and told him that he could build one for me for Christmas.  I can put it in our office, and use it to store fabric.

So, now you know what I do to avoid watching news 24/7 these days.
sorry if this posted in your reader twice, I forgot to add a photo.

Have a good day!  I work 2 more days then I will have some time off.  I can't wait.


dee said...

That was fun Teri. I had those same glasses so it gave me a laugh too.

Rian said...

Fun piece, Teri. I was a worse nerd than you. Way. Those glasses of the 80s--what were we thinking!

kwiltmakr said...

I loved horses too but never had a real one. I had one of those ones that sit on a stand and has the springs on it so you can bounce on it. I spent all my waking time on that thing.