Wednesday, June 09, 2010


The class that I took this morning was in a library.  I bought this book for $1.00 in their used book store.  I like buying old books with traditional quilts. They give me great ideas.  This book was published in 1975.

I was leafing through it and came across the chapter called EQUIPMENT FOR SUCCESSFUL QUILTING
this is the first paragraph:

" Fortunately no one has been able to invent a lot of expensive electric equipment for quilting.  There aren't even many tempting but useless gadgets on the market to lure the quilter and make her spend money.  The largest item on her list is a quilting frame and that can be built at home quite simply."

The quilts in this book are going to be a great source of ideas, but this one paragraph made me smile all afternoon.


Kim West said...

That makes me smile too. How can I spend the money now... a little too much sometimes. I am such a gadget junkie.

Buckeye Bev said...

I think it was the early 1970s book The Great American Log Cabin that advocated use of a big slice paper cutter - you know the ones with the green grid wood base and a guillotine blade handle? Can you imagine?
Does anyone tear their long strips of fabric? I still do...

Terrie Sandelin said...

That made me smile, too. Thanks for sharing it! (Says the gadget girl)