Friday, July 09, 2010


Nickle Charms - those 5" die cut squares of fabric that you can buy.  They look so tempting, lots of pretty colors, none of them the same, sometimes you can get them in a whole fabric line.
I bought a lot of batik charm sets.  I was in a club for Hancocks of Paducah, and I would get a set whenever a new line would come out.  That is what I used to make my daughter's wedding quilt.
It was perfect.  They left right after the wedding and moved away to NC for a year while he finished up his enlistment in the Marines.  They are back living near me so I have the quilt to sew the label on, and put a sleeve on so that they can hang it.  I turn it over and saw this
It never got wet.  But the humidity, and or condensation from the air conditioner caused the orange/reds to bleed to the back.   I always prewash fabrics, especially reds and batiks.  But I didn't wash these pre-cut fabrics for fear that they would ravel and be too small, and also the idea of trying to iron wadded up little balls of fabric wasn't appealing to me.  This is not noticeable from the front. Because of all of the colors. 

I could throw the whole thing in the washer with some synthropol, but I'm not sure about that.  Last thing I want to do is ruin the whole thing.  But then I keep thinking about Ricky Tims telling about putting his Rhapsody quilt in the washer when it bled, and it is a lot more valuable than this one and it looked fine. 

What would you do?


dee said...

What a shame Teri. Eye opener too. I have many of these batiks I haven't used yet.
I've had really good luck with Color Catchers sheets. They saved me both times I had this problem. Not all the color came out of the bleed area(a lot did though) but all the color that was still in the fabrics went into the sheets. I used two sheets for a lap sized quilt and they were both highly colored with dyes that would have bled onto the quilt. Bright red on one bunch and serious purple on another.

Rian said...

Yikes! Who'd have thought! I never prewash batiks. Guess I will from now on...

Since they are going to hang it, and it's on the back, I'd leave it. Call it art.

kwiltmakr said...

What a shame. You just never know what to do. You hate to have it bleed more but then you just don't want those spots on the back either.