Friday, July 16, 2010



Surprise, surprise.  I found out about this when seeing this little (okay, clean mouth here) lady on Cavuto being interviewed about this regulation that was tucked into the new spending package the (clean again) congress/Obama passed.. and didn't read.  You know they all know what is good for us.  This little lady sat there and talked about the obesity epidemic ( true enough) and how this was a really 'good' thing.  a way to help people realize that they are lardasses.  Why don't we just say what it really is.  This 'wonderful' health care for everyone, is going to ultimately be rationed.  Since they are after the fatties now, they will be able to say.. you have to lose 100 pounds before you can have that insulin..... Sorry... you are too fat for that knee replacement.  You might as well make your funeral arrangements if you are OLD and fat.

All this because there are lazy losers that don't want to work (yeah, there are people who actually DON'T want to work. I see them all the time. Generations of people that get free health care already.  There are also people who do work and  don't want to pay for their own health insurance, or don't want to pay extra for medical treatments(what their insurance doesn't pay).  It's getting more and more expensive. We've had a lot of medical bills over the years.  And you know what?  I would STILL rather do without something else and pay for my own health care than have some bureaucrat decide what I can an can't have so that they can pay for some good for nothing illegal alien to get care for their runny nose.  Yeah, I'm jacked up.  I have been for a long time.  And I blame every sickening, save the world liberal that I know that voted these Socialist a***oles into office. It's easy to sit back and try to think of ways to spend someone else s money, how about going out and making some of your own!!!  Spend it the way you want, and quit stealing mine for your guilt ridden causes.

Okay, rant out of the way.

I sewed with the girls today.  I love spending the day with them.  They all have issues they are working through.  Personal illnesses, spouses who are ill, parents who are ill.  It is nice to have this respite where we can work together and laugh. 

I have had a few days off.  I swear that yesterday, I did absolutely NOTHING.  I watched DVRd programs and then my daughter came over so that we could watch one of them together.  By the time I noticed, it was 2pm.  So I took a nap before my husband got home from work.  :)

I decided to turn off my air conditioning yesterday.  Our house is well insulated, and I should have just left well enough alone.  I opened the windows and felt the hot air roll in.  Mistake.  At midnight it was still 87 in the house.  I got a flashlight and went all around the house, closed the windows and turned on the air.  It was so nice and cool, and I finally got to sleep.  I think the temperature is supposed to break.  I can't wait.

Have a good weekend!!!

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