Friday, July 02, 2010


Working around the house today.  REALLY organizing for once in my studio.  With the help of a friend, who advised me to REALLY look at things and decide if I will ever make them.  That's what I am doing.  Photos later.
In the meantime, I am taking the photos off of my card, and I thought I would share a few. 
First, a few photos from last weekends trip to Amishland
Then some nature shots.  Don't care much about nature shots, I prefer photos that have people in them, but I know a photo op when I see one.
There are more and are in albums in my webshots, if you are interested, the link is in my sidebar.
Well, back to work.  My son got me a subscription to Netflicks for my birthday.  I am streaming movies and tv shows on my monitor in my studio.  It's great.
Hopefully, some quilty photos this weekend. 
By the way, my Marine daughter and her husband are coming home for good tomorrow.  He decided to go back to college.  They already have a nice condo in the next town over, and my daughter was able to transfer in her job, so that is a worry eliminated. I can't wait!
Have a good weekend!  t


Rian said...

All good stuff, Teri. So glad your daughter is coming home--you must be thrilled. What a wonderful way to celebrate America's birthday.

kwiltmakr said...

Nice photos. I am glad your daughter will be closer to home.