Friday, July 23, 2010


TWell, it turns out that there is no nerd like a British nerd. I like to listen to something while entering the endless data into the computer at work. For some reason, music distracts me, so I listen to
This podcast features several guys from what I can get, separate parts of the UK including Australia, talking to each other on their laptops about the latest episode of Doctor Who. These are grown men, at least some of them are married and have children. They just amuse me so much. They take this show so seriously and pick it apart and analyze everything that occurs during an episode. Anyway, at some point they started talking about the story arc, and they were musing about how long a certain story line could go.  One got really excited and laughing said "what if it was a four year arc?!!!  that would be STONKIN! 
Okay, I understand gobsmacked, brilliant, they end sentences with yeah? like we would end one with right or okay? Stonkin.  That's a new one.  I just find listening to these guys talk delightful. They are complete nerds or fanboys (which is what they call themselves when they get like this).

I'm off to take Sam for his haircut and to run some errands.  I was going to run errands last night, but it looked like a storm was coming, and I just never got out.  Later!  Have a good weekend if we don't talk again! 


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