Wednesday, July 21, 2010


It's my day off. I have puttered around the house, it is already 2pm. Time goes by so fast. But I'm sitting here thinking that I need a nap.
I got online to order some blocking wires for my knitted shawls. I have a nice set, but I can't find them anywhere. I only used them one time. This set I am going to put in a pvc storage tube and I am going to store them in the closet with the rest of my knitting things. I didn't have a central place to store the other set, and they weren't in the usual places. No doubt they will turn up at some point.
While I was at KNITPICKS , I ordered cotton yarn to make this LACY LEAF SATCHEL. 
I love the color that is in the pictured bag, but I decided to go with BITTERSWEET which is described as a  "dark chocolate" color yarn that looks black from a distance.  I hope I like it.  At least is isn't RED which is what I would usually attract me first.

I am almost finished with my second AESTLIGHT shawl.  I love this pattern.  I only have about 5 inches of edge to go and this much yarn.

Each little scallop has 16 rows. As much as I love the pattern, I don't know how I will feel about ripping back.  Good thing that I did less repeats of the lace pattern, or I would already be out.
In case you are wondering about the pink thing, it is a yarn ball
Actually a pretty cool thing.  I never would have bought one if I hadn't seen a friend using hers.  I wind most of my yarn up on my winder and end up with these little yarn cakes that are flat on the top and bottom.  These are great unless you have some lace weight yarn that is really hard to wind, or big hanks of heavy yarn that doesn't fit on the swift, or those several yards left at the end of a cake that tend to tangle.  Sometimes you just have to hand wind a ball of yarn.  This little pink thing is great because it just clips together, so you can take the yarn out if you want, and you don't have to chase the yarn around when it rolls off the couch.

Actually, i have been up to several things.  While I have been 'disposing' of projects that I have no intention to finish, I also am finishing things that I thought I never would bother with again.
This is a cross stitch silhouette of a quilter that I found when digging through doomed projects. Just something different to work on.  I started this years ago. The difference now is that since it is on pretty fine linen, I need magnifying glasses to work on it.  I can't see without them.  It's an easy project, shouldn't take too long to finish it. 
That's about it.  I always have lots of ideas, which I will get to at some point.  In the meantime, I am going to enjoy the summer breeze.


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