Saturday, July 31, 2010


Better late than never.  I just happened to be on Raverly, a site for knitters and found out that the yarn shop closest to me is closing.  and THIS is the last day. 
I stopped by, thinking that they opened at 10, and when I opened the door, I was invited in.  I didn't know for an hour later that they didn't actually open until 11.  So I got an hours worth 
of shopping by myself .
I got enough wool/silk yarn for a large project, some long circular needles, and 3 more of the yarn spheres.  I think that I will give one of them to my cousin.  The other two will be used with projects I am already working on.  I always feel bad going to a going out of business sale.  I feel like a scavenger.  But, I know that I helped keep her in business while she was there.  I have cut back in spending like a lot of others have had to, and that is the whole problem, I guess.  It's just too bad to see another small business leaving.  I know that I can get anything that I need online, but there is nothing like being able to see and touch the yarn/fabric. 

Other than this, nothing earth shaking going on my part.  I went to Miller's Dry Goods, and picked up a couple of Moda charm packs.  Yesterday was my husband' s birthday, and we went out to eat. 

Sam had been acting strange and afraid for several months.  He would hide and just generally be weird.  Ever since Claire died, he is acting normal and relaxed.  This proves to me that dogs can sense stuff that the rest of us can't.  He must have known long before us that Claire was sick. 
It's nice to see him relax again.

Have a good weekend!  teri

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Gerry said...

Teri, I know exactly how you feel taking advantage of such a sale.
In my case I did support the shop for several years and shopped at reduced prices at the end. Felt very low doing it.
But as you said we did help in the way we were able.

Hugs & ♥♥♥s,