Thursday, August 19, 2010

I took today off.  Ahh...  I slept in and went out to Kohls for a bit, to get a fiesta mug.
I like to make these HUNGRY GIRL EGG MUGS and they recommended these.  No problem.  They are made an America, so I don't have to worry about getting food full of lead.
I got a red one. 
I put 3 pair of shoes in my cart, and put them all back.  I have a weakness for shoes for some reason.  Comfortable shoes, not fancy ones.  I especially like colorful Converse all stars.

I have purple, grey, and low top purple plaid.  Don't need any more at this point.  I will get some red shoes eventually. 
I did buy this;
I have never been able to find the perfect coffee pot.  If I make it, I only have a cup, the rest goes to waste, plus there is the clean up.  They have one of these at work, but I think that the little cups of coffee that go with it are too expensive, and who knows how old they are?
So I bought a little adapter for it so I can use my own coffee (Dunkin Donut- is my fave)
Okay, I can admit it.  If something is red, I am more apt to buy it.  Red Kitchen aid mixer for instance.  I can want something for a long time, but pass it up.  Then they make one in red.  Except cars.  I wouldn't want a red car.

Does anyone watch BBC America?  Time Warner may dump it from the cable line up.  I hope not, I love it.  Even though most of it is old stuff compared to when it was broadcast in Britain.  For instance, I am now watching BOYS DON'T SING it is a season of a show called The Choir.  It has a choirmaster going around to different schools that don't have any sort of music program and putting together a choir.  The first season was good.  A mixed choir from a high school.  This season is a boys choir.  These guys are just adorable.  I really enjoy watching them pull it together.

I'm still working on my sewing room.  I should just get someone over and have them haul everything away.  I probably wouldn't even miss it. 

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