Sunday, September 05, 2010


Hello everyone, I hope that you are all having a great weekend.  We have had our usual weird weather.  Nothing gradual.  It never gradually goes from hot weather to cool weather or the other way around.  So one day it is blazing hot, and the next it is 62 raining and windy.

I have been enjoying the Netflix membership that my son got me for my birthday.  I watched Veronica Mars seasons.  I am on the last season now.  It was a really good show.  I got a couple of discs of "Northern Exposure" a show that was on quite a while ago. It was quirky.  If I could watch it instantly instead of having a DVD I would watch the rest of the seasons. I realized that I can access netflix on my TV and on my phone.  At least I know that I will never be bored if I have to wait anywhere.
I finished "Mockingjay" in a couple of days and gave the 3 books to my daughter to read.  I downloaded some digital books to listen to.  It is so much easier for me to get books in that way.  I have been trying to get through a book called "The Passage".  It is my bedtime read.  I usually get to tired to get past a few pages.  So now that I have it downloaded, I will be able to "read" it and still get other things finished.

Today is a nice sunny moderate day.  It has been a relaxing few days off.  I didn't have a lot of activities planned.  But I have actually got some quilting in.  One of my co-workers was just diagnosed with breast cancer, so I am making a quilt.  Unfortunately pink is her favorite color so I had to go out and buy some because it is the one color that I don't have in my stash.
I started with a bunch of fat quarters and I cut 2.5 inch strips.
It is a pretty simple straightforward design.  Light/Dark 4 patch as a center block 
Unfinished at 4.5 inches .
Each 4 patch is bordered by 2.5 in strips of the  contrasting color
Two 2.5 x 4.5
Two 2.5 x 8.5
The block is 8" finished.  I am going to make 20 of each. 

I will have to go and get more fabric to finish it up (borders, binding,back)

Just haven't been in the quiltmaking mood lately.  Maybe now that the weather is finally getting cool again, I will sit down and get to it.

Happy quilting!!  teri


jb81185 said...

This is for me right? It looks like the half quilt I asked for :-)I LOVE the colors. It's beautiful

kwiltmakr said...

Love your blocks. I have a really nice link for some audio books that are all free. I will find it and if I can find your email I will send it to you. I just found it and downloaded 2. You may have it already though.