Friday, October 08, 2010


I'm home.  My daughter and I left around 7:30 and got back about 1pm.  I just don't travel well.  I don't like sleeping in a strange place, on a bed that isn't my own.  So I was in that kind of foggy half sleep, half awake until 3am, and I finally went to sleep and was jerked awake by my alarm at 7.  Ugh.  And, I although I have had cats off and on throughout my life, it took being immersed in a household that cats lived in to stir up my dormant allergies.  Wheezing and feeling like I was choking on snot, meant a crappy nights sleep.  Couple that with a house set at a steady 76 degrees... it was quite a change from normal for me.

My uncle, my daughter and I went out for dinner last evening.  I just had dessert.  It was nice to just get to sit and talk with him.  I'm always willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.  I am aware of the generation gap, and that the only information that he gets is from the 3 mainstream networks.  He is a well educated man that moved back to his small hometown 15 years ago. He has no internet access, he gets his views from a liberal media on TV and in a weekly newspaper and news magazines.  I love him too much to ever disrespect him. When you live almost 80 years, I guess you can think whatever you want.

We went to a nice little quilt shop in the middle of a 'shop hop', which meant lots of stock.  I bought a book that I wanted STELLAR QUILTS by Judy Martin I saw this book and another new book that features star quilts that were in a recent catalog.  I'm always happy if I can look at a book before I purchase it.  I have all of Judy Martin's books, and I like her designs.  This book gives you one complicated star block and many suggestions on settings and color layouts to give you an idea how to design your quilt top. No paper piecing with this designer!!!

We went to another larger store with a nice selection of fabrics but also other crafts ideas. I found a box of sewing theme Christmas cards.  I snatched them up to send to friends, as they are hard to find.

It was a nice trip.  The weather was sunny and warm yesterday.  I only brought cool weather clothes because it was cold and rainy the week before, there and here. 

I'm glad to be home, I am going to do some sewing this weekend.  I hope that you all have a great weekend!!!

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