Sunday, October 31, 2010


I have several irons.  Last year around Christmas I bought a Rowenta Professional iron on sale at JoAnn's. My friend had one that got nice and hot and really steamed when ironing fabrics.  I haven't used it much, four times at the most, and when I did I took care to empty out the water after I used it.  I normally just used it to iron fabric, not during my normal piecing.  I plugged it in the other day and the stupid thing hardly heats up at all.  I plan to continue buying the less expensive Black and Decker irons and use my spray bottle of water.  As long as you don't put water in them, they seem to hang on for longer.

I can not WAIT until Wednesday.  I'm about to go mad with my phone ringing off the hook with stupid political calls.  If you don't at least pick up the phone and hang it up, then voice mail is filled up and you are forced to listen to them.

I already know who and what I am voting against.  It was so thoughtful of them to leave their moronic political phone calls off the National  Do-not-call list.   I was even watching hulu the other evening and was assaulted with ads for my states governor's race, which would have irritated me even if it had been for the guy I'm voting for. 

Got a lot of yard work done today.  I got some bad shrimp on Friday night, or I had a bug, and I felt under the weather on Saturday.  I got up early today and got a lot done.  Ready for winter, the lawnmower is put away and the snow blower is ready to go. 

I have finished 3 shawls.  If I ever find a space to block them, I will post photos.  Hope you have a good evening!!



Josi said...

I am totally in agreement with you on the Rowenta irons; they aren't worth a nickel, much less the high dollars they charge. I've had two and I'm done. Like you, I use a spray bottle of water to dampen my fabric for ironing when it comes out of the dryer and when I'm piecing. I actually have several spray bottles of water: plain, mixed for light, medium, heavy and 'brick' starch! I just found your blog tonight as I took a miniature class on Saturday from a gal who's mentor is Sally Collins. Your work is just awesome and I look forward to more.

Josi is FL

kwiltmakr said...

I heard a good tip on those automated political calls, you press the pound key and it is supposed to take you off the list.

I agree with you 100% on the Rowenta irons. I had one and it was awful, actually that was the second one the first one I had to take back to the store 30 miles one way because there was something wrong with it out of the box. Should have been my first clue, so I got it exchanged and in about a year I threw it away and got a Shark one. This one was way better from the beginning.

Rian said...

I have the same two cheapie irons that I've had for at least 10 years. I NEVER put water in them. Spray bottle. I even iron clothes the old-fashioned way--sprinkle 'em with water and roll 'em up. Remember when you could get a sprinkler thing to put on a Coke bottle? You're probably too young to remember those.