Friday, November 05, 2010


This is my Icarus shawl.  It is big and warm.  I have it wrapped around me right now..

This is the back.
This is Aestlight. Quite a bit smaller, but nice and soft around my neck. Sock yarn is put to so much better use for a shawl.  Although socks with this yarn would be soft and warm, I will have this shawl much longer than I would have a pair of socks.
simple triangle
This is the simple triangle shawl. Hard to get a photo that showed the correct color. It is a dusty purple. I guess I must like purple, I seem to use it a lot when I knit.

Got a lot done today.  Still have a lot to do.  My Alaskan daughter is coming to visit tomorrow.  She will only be here a few days, so I will pop back in when I can.


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