Saturday, December 04, 2010


I was going to try to go to Amishland today. It is cold and a little snowy here and I fear that it might be my last opportunity for a few months. But, I share an office with a woman that came in with a horrible cold and bragged all week about how she isn't like other people that call off when they are sick.. she is a "strong woman" who can tough it out. She would say, "I'm not sick if I don't admit it".. Well, the strong woman succeeded in giving her virus to me, and as she is winging it to Vegas all next week, I can't call in sick, because since I am the only other person who knows the job, I have to be there..

CHRISTMAS TREE REMOVED  Sometimes I think that I am the only one in the world that isn't a whimpering sissy.  Why didn't these school officials tell the "offended" people who called "I'm sorry that you are offended, but the tree stays".   There are probably more students in that school that celebrate Christmas that students that don't.  Another thing is.. it isn't going to kill a thin skinned complainer to be offended. Maybe in a perfect world, it will make them grow a spine, and learn how to deal with life's disappointments.
My advice, don't look and get the heck over it.  They can live with looking at a Christmas tree for less than a month.  And I don't want to hear about "separation of church and state crap.  yeah right, separation if that bashes Christians, otherwise it is okay..
Whatever happened to majority rules?  The thing is, if it wasn't a symbol of a Christian holy day, say it was a symbol of a Muslim holy day, and a Christian student was offended.  They would be told "too bad, we don't want to offend our ONE Muslim student".

Now you know why you haven't heard a lot from me.  I guess I don't have anything to say if I want to avoid really talking about the state of the country, and the world for that matter.  BTW... you can't make a judgment about the stupidity of a radio host if you only listen to edited clips and commentary on left-wing websites.  You have to actually spend three hours of in-context listening to express an informed opinion. And if a stupid sports star that can count to ten(if he's even that smart) makes millions of dollars playing with balls, then I really don't mind if a Fox News commentator makes tons of money for giving his INFORMED opinion about something.  Every one of them are small business men that employ people with families.  They have insurances and taxes to pay for their employees.
(they would never get away with not paying their taxes like our Democratic Politicians do).  I do not begrudge someone making a lot of money.  They made good decisions, took risks,worked hard, sacrificed and maybe had a little luck.  But then again, I'm not a socialist/ communist/ Marxist, I wouldn't want money if I couldn't earn it myself. And, I'm not rich, but I'm happy with what I have and I'm not jealous enough to want someone punished because they have more money than I do.

Well, that's all for now. I'm going to get something hot to drink, and I have to do some grocery shopping. I will have something to show to you later. I am actually crocheting a scarf. I learned to crochet before I could knit. It is much faster, mistakes are more forgiving to correct, and this is kind of cool. I am actually using a wool/ACRYLIC blend. I don't know how I can put out $20. for enough sock yarn to make a pair, and then bulk at spending the same amount for yarn at JoAnn's. I guess I am a yarn snob.

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