Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Even by age two, my girls just didn't like the concept of Santa.  Up until this point in the Santa photos. it was varying degrees of crying kids. My son just calmly smiles so he can ditch the sisters and give Santa his list.

I always liked this photo the best.  The Santa is lame, only the malls have the Santa's with real beards, but I just liked the kids relaxed dress.  Eventually as the kids got older, we did family photos for Christmas.  Unfortunately the photo studio went out of business several years ago.  It became a custom for us to go out the day after Thanksgiving and get the kids or the family's photos taken and then go to lunch and maybe a movie. You could get prints for a reasonable price, and they always gave us the negative of the photo.  I really miss having that place around. But I have some nice memories of our Christmas, and I put the photos out every year.
Christmas is so much different now.  If you still have children in your home, and it seems like such a constant uproar and you long for quiet time to yourself.  Let me tell you to hug them and enjoy every minute because before you know it they will be gone, living their own lives, making their own memories, and you will have plenty of quiet time and you will long for kids to interrupt it.

Off to do a little last minute shopping, I hope that you all are keeping warm!!

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jb81185 said...

I love you and miss you. You made me tear uo. I wish I was home with you