Thursday, December 09, 2010


How many years have we had to hear whining about the "Bush Tax Cuts", and giving money to the wealthiest 2% ?   Now they want to extend them.  The liberal Democrats are apoplectic, talking about how much money this is going to cost and the deficit (which mind you, they sure didn't give a crap about up until today).. of course they are being parroted by the media, who don't understand it either.  I've given this a lot of thought, and  since it is the Christmas season, I will use my favorite movie "Christmas Vacation" to explain what is really happening .  Enter;
Clark Griswold to represent the Liberal Democrat

Clark worked all year on a cereal shellac that would keep cereal fresh for much longer. 
He thought that in doing this, the increased bonus he was expecting at Christmas would cover the check that he had written for the 
in ground swimming pool. 
But his boss changed his mind about giving out a bonus , and when Clark found out about this he went crazy, saying and doing things that no one would have believed of him. 

Enter the Liberals in Congress and Media.  First of all the Bush "Tax Cuts".  Do you realize that almost 40% of the population of the U.S. don't pay Federal income tax at all?  It may come out of their pay checks, but they get it all and sometimes even extra back from the government in their refunds.  Which leaves the rich who pay the majority of the Federal income taxes. 
I've never been rich, but I know the government doesn't have their own money.  They have money that they have TAKEN from citizens. They spent and borrowed money to make promises that can't be kept because they were counting on the current tax rates to expire and they were counting on that money to come in so that they can continue to spend like the fools they are.  I don't know about you, but when I am short on money, I watch my spending.  Of course, it is MY money.. maybe if I always spent other people's money, I wouldn't pay attention to the price tag either.  I would just go take what I needed, or wanted from the other guy's pocket.
Besides, if anything is adding to the deficit, it isn't money that wasn't there anyway, it is the attached extension of the unemployment benefits.
And although I totally understand about being unemployed.  It has happened to me and people in my family.  What I don't understand is anyone laying on their butts on un-employment any longer than they need to let alone 3 years.    Yeah.. lower your expectations.  Maybe you will have to work in a field that you didn't go to college to learn.  Maybe you will have to take less money than you made in your last job, or have to work more than one job.  But the unemployment check doesn't come from just anyone, it comes from the people who have to drag themselves off to work every day whether they like it or not. Because the government does not have their own money...they TAKE the money from someone who is working.  When my husband lost his job, he worked sometimes 3 or more jobs to make up for the money we lost.  He was hardly ever home.  In between jobs, he finished his college degree so that he could get his dream job.  Hey, I worked at McDonalds for six years, and worried for the whole time that everyone that walked in there thought I was a loser.  Well, I know better. I was working, and if you are working and making your own money and not taking handouts you feel much more empowered.  I waited until I got the perfect job, but I started work at 5am and cooked egg McMuffins for 6 years until I could.  I worked around my kid's school schedules, and I was always home when they were. We didn't have the biggest house, the nicest cars, or great vacations, but I got to be home with my kids and we NEVER took a hand out from the government(Taxpayers).

So that's my Christmas story.  Lest you believe in what the media and the Democrats are trying to spin.

Have a good weekend.  Turned out I had pneumonia, and a sinus infection.  I was too sick to go to work on Wednesday, although I did get up at 4:30 to go, only to realize I felt terrible.  But I used the insurance that we PAY and WORK for to go to the doctor and I got enough medication to get me on my feet enough that I could go to work today and tomorrow.  I feel better but not 100%.  Work ethic.  Look it up. 

Teri - obviously not Liberal or a Democrat

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