Sunday, December 12, 2010


I have been doing Weight Watchers online for several months.  After the doctor changed some of my meds around, I was taken off of a med that caused weight gain and put on another that had the possibility to help me lose.  I have watched my food intake a long time, but seldom saw much of a budge in the scale.  Then when I started the new med, I actually started losing weight.  I probably lost about8 pounds and then I decided to get serious, and started Weight watchers.  I never liked the meetings, I never like getting weighed in front of anyone, and there's an app for WW on my iPhone and I can keep track there and look up everything.  

Every Sunday morning, I would diligently get on the scale and it would go down, it would go up, but it would never budge much.  That is until last week when I actually noticed that the scale never went back to zero.  It's baseline weight was 10.5 pounds!  

You would think that it would have clicked when I went to the doctor and on his scale I weighed significantly less even with all of my clothes and shoes, but I just figured it was my normal weight stagnation.  

So, I bought a new scale and I've lost a total of 15-18 pounds.  I'm pretty happy about that.  I wish that I had written down my top weights. I was pretty let down, and quit weighing myself all together for a long time.  But I'm going in the right direction now. I like the new WW plan.  I'm not always really good about tracking what I eat, but, I eat better foods now, so it is all working out. 

I'm sewing today, expecting the big storm coming our way.  I know that I have to go out in it early tomorrow, because tomorrow is payroll day, and I have to make sure that everyone get's paid correctly on the payday before Christmas. 

I hope that you all are keeping warm!  I got my little tree mostly decorated last night.  Stayed up too late watching White Christmas, and I slept until 10:30!  So half of my day is gone, and I have a lot to do.  Have a good day, back with photos later!


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GerryART said...

With all the weight you're loosing
pretty soon your undies will be falling to your ankles :^)
Happy Holiday Hugs