Friday, December 17, 2010


TUESDAY NIGHT COWL was finished this evening.  A two evening knit, left me with a really great, warm cowl.  it is pre-scrunched because of sparsely spaced huge cables which gather the fabric up just enough to make it an interesting, fast knit.  It's a gamble when I make some patterns that I think I might really like.  When I finish them, I don't care for them.  But I can usually find a home for those things.  It is really mostly about the knitting than what the finished piece turns out to be.

Spent the day with my friends.  We meet every month, but at Christmas, we exchange gifts and eat.  I left early because I just haven't bounced back from last weeks pneumonia.  I just haven't built back my stamina.  
I still have a few things to do before Christmas, but I am really glad that it is the weekend. 

Check back later, Teri

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