Saturday, January 22, 2011


I forgot to add this. I sew with friends at a retirement village that has a thrift shop that sells castoffs to aid the people residents that need extra help. For instance, my friend picked up a new Kitchen aid wand blender for seven bucks yesterday. It would have been mind if I had really looked at it. She is an excellent baker and always brings goodies to our meetings, so it's okay.
Anyway, I saw these on a shelf for a dollar each

I assume that they must be little expresso cups, but the first thing I thought of was "Pincushions". How about tiny cappuccinos? Maybe a little emery biscotti on the saucer?
I have a similar cup and saucer on the windowsill by my sewing machine, I have some antique thimbles in the saucer.

It's a little frilly for me and I never got around to actually making a pincushion for the top.

Anyway, I think these will be cute gifts for someone on my list.

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Good deal! Am I on your list? hee hee