Sunday, January 16, 2011


Went to see the Green Hornet.  It was okay.  I only saw it because my husband was excited about it.  For me it was a "great on Netflix DVD" movie.  Not unlike "Percy Jackson and the Olympians".  Probably would have been disappointed if I spent the money to see it in the theater, but it was very enjoyable delivered to my door. \
Doing my usual Sunday stuff.. Laundry, of course.  Some more cleaning out.  I found templates and some hexagons for an ISpy quilt that apparently I thought I would make.  My first notion was to throw it in my give away box, but then I decided to cut some triangles and play around with it.
I decided that it would be a shame to toss it or give it away.  It would make a great "sick day" quilt for a kid. So, I am going to just cut a bunch of triangles and keep them handy for the many novelty prints that I have a habit of acquiring.  The triangle template that came with it has the points.  It is a 30 degree triangle, so I can't use my Judy Martin point trimmer.  What I did is cut 2 1/4" strips, and make a few freezer paper templates. I used these to cut the stacked fabric.  As you turn the triangle and keep the bottom always at 2 1/4, you chop of the tips.
Having the points blunted really helps join the blocks together so the tips of the hexagons match. 
I'm getting ready to make new blocks for the Christmas quilt using my Tri -reqs tool.  Maybe I will post them later. 
Have a good day!

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