Sunday, January 09, 2011


I posted a photo of this quilt top that I recently finished. It had been on my design wall for quite a while, and has even been on there since it was finished until I could get around to pressing it. Notice anything about it?
I didn't. I have looked at this photo, I have it on my phone. And not until I pressed it last night did I notice that the first two blocks in the bottom row are going in the wrong direction. I will admit that I didn't even notice that, what drew my attention to it at all was the two greens were together. I am happy that they weren't in the center. This would have probably remained a ufo for a while.

Thankfully I noticed before I layered it and started quilting it. I am still waiting for the backing fabric to arrive.

Going to sew with a friend this afternoon. It takes a lot to get me out of the house when it is this cold!

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