Saturday, January 08, 2011


I have few knitting UFO's. I have decided to finish my oldest from last year.
It is an shawl called Evenstar. It was a 6 clue mystery. Oh my, I had problems with that one. I started knitting it with a 100% silk laceweight yarn. Nightmare.. The pattern had mistakes, and I had to start over many times. The yarn would kind of mold to itself and I couldn't just pull it back, because it would knot up. I finally ditched that yarn and started over with an 100% merino wool. things were going along wonderfully, I was into the 4th clue and the yarn started doing this
See the lighter streaks? The yarn dye was uneven.  It continues all the way around this round shawl.  This is not an easy project to pull back and start over. I kept knitting and just got more and more disgusted until I just put the whole thing away. I am so close to being finished, I just pulled it back out and decided to finish it up.  Maybe the discoloration won't be so noticeable once it is blocked.  One thing I won't be doing is applying the 3,000 beads on the border that is called for in the pattern.
The finished shawl should look like this, only blue with a streak of light blue around the outside edge
I figured that I should finish it in time to start a new mystery shawl.  The next one is triangular, which is much better as far as I'm concerned. 

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