Sunday, February 06, 2011


All of my quilting friends can think of this as a BOM.  I made one of those from an online source a long time ago and the entire thing was incorrect, and every block needed to be studied before you could cut a piece of fabric, or the block would not be the correct size.
Which is why it isn't finished.  I got tired of trying to figure out every block section.

Enter knit-alongs.. In my opinion infinitely more complicated.  Pulling back a difficult knitting pattern because of design or chart errors is way more difficult than cutting a new piece of fabric.  I have only done one.  The clues are usually sent out once a week, or maybe every two weeks.  I learned from the last one to never pick up my needles until at least a week after the clue is sent out.  That gives all of the eager one's the chance to find all of the mistakes.  My first clue came out on Friday, and so far I have gotten at least 4 pattern corrections.  Now the new thing I learned is to NOT print out the clue for at least a week.
I've wasted so much paper, printing out patterns.  But at least I didn't waste my time knitting.  This project calls for 5,000 beads.  I have decided to forgo this step.  A little to sparkly and impractical for my tastes.  But this lady designs beautiful stitches, and I know that eventually, this will be a beautiful shawl.

I'm actually going to watch some of the super bowl.  Both teams are decent, and it might be fun.  I hope that you all are having a great day!!!

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