Saturday, March 19, 2011


This is idea from my friend Linda, who made a bunch of these the other day when I was over.  flannel right sides together.  9.5" wide.  Round the ends.  Linda used a plate.  I just happened to have a template.  1/2 yard yields two. Linda serged the edges, which is what I am going to do.  But I guess you could sew them right sides together and turn inside out.. topstitch .  Too much work for a cloth used for spit up.

He needs me to spend my time on a quilt.
My new (only) great nephew. James Duncan.  Brand new in this photo. They live in Oklahoma, so I haven't got to snuggle. 

Hope that you all have a great weekend!!  Happy Spring!!  It is finally getting a little warmer here.


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kwiltmakr said...

Awww, you better get down there and snuggle really soon.